Bespoke Coaching & Training Plans

Jon & Achieng

For any athlete who believes that they have individual needs that require addressing on a one-to-one level, Jon will communicate directly with the athlete and provide them with his best guidance on how they can progress and develop in their chosen direction from their own personalised starting point.

Each personal consultation begins with a diagnostic email exchange to ensure that the personalised training/coaching plan builds effectively on current performance, strengths and weaknesses.

Whether this is the keen father, looking to develop his ambitious nine year old son or the middle-aged triathalete who has been rejuvinated in finding a new and exciting output in their life, Jon's experience will lead them to clearly defined performance increases within a matter of weeks.

This is a three step process:

  • Step 1: Contact Jon for initial assessment of suitability by filling in our contact form.
  • Step 2: Engage Jon's services for a fixed period of time using this link. (Not yet enabled)
  • Step 3: Jon will contact you in the first instance to request any additional information he requires to prepare the baseline data necessary to make this a truly bespoke and individualised coaching arrangement. From this point, Jon will provide guidance, coaching/training input and lifestyle recommendations that will ultimately result in success.